Deprecated: Use my new theme “Duo” instead:

Solo is a Jekyll theme that supports single-page websites only, but supports them well. Yes, it’s responsive.

Looking for a more standard Jekyll theme? Try out Shiori theme, which has Bootstrap integration.

Solo is useful if…

This page itself is built with Solo. It’s generated from this markdown file.


First, install Jekyll. Then download Solo from its GitHub Repository. Start Jekyll and you should see this page up and running.

The main file you’ll be editing is This becomes the content for the page.

Other Files

Don’t use <h1> tags

Wthin, do not use <h1> tags - <h1> is reserved for the site title.

Supported Tags

Solo supports lists, <hr>s, <table>s,

blockquotes, and…

<pre>code blocks with syntax highlighting.</pre>

Keep Solo up to date

Instead of downloading, you can fork Solo and use the “upstream” strategy described on this page to keep Solo up to date.


Shu Uesugi (Twitter/GitHub/G+).

Shu Uesugi


MIT License