Duo, A Simple Jekyll Theme

Customize Duo

Step 1: Customize _config.yml

Step 2: Write Articles

Step 3: Deploy

If you git clone‘d duo, then make sure to Change your git repository’s origin before pushing:

git remote set-url origin https://github.com/USERNAME/REPOSITORY.git


These steps are optional.

Customize HTML

Customize CSS

# Download npm modules
yarn install

# Run Jekyll and also watch for CSS changes
yarn watch

Customize Favicon

Favicon is generated using favicon-emoji.

Enabled Jekyll Plugins

Duo is a simple Jekyll theme. You can use duo for a single-page site or a simple blog.


Get Started

# Download and Install
git clone https://github.com/chibicode/duo.git
bundle install

# Run
bundle exec jekyll serve
# open http://localhost:4000/duo

Next Steps

See: Customize Duo.

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